Alishan Tea

The Features of Alishan Tea

Alishan high mountain tea is used to be called – The High Mountain Tea. The tea leaves are partially fermented and are rolled into a half ball shape, commonly known as Oolong tea. Because of the height of the mountain, the temperature there is usually cold and it is cloudy and misty all throughout the day. The short solar radiation causes the tea leaves to contain less catechin, which result in a less bitter taste; and more tea lysine and soluble nitrogen resulting in a sweeter taste. The tea buds are soft and thick and contain high pectin.

The leaves of the Alishan mountain dried tea are bright green in color, the taste is mellow and rich. Brewed tea leaves, yellowish green in color, leave a strong pleasant aftertaste and a long lasting, sweet and light, delicate aroma.

The second brew taste feels like hot tea in the winter, the color is crystal green, with quality aroma and a sweet aftertaste. It is the best of all types of teas. Tea brew is mild and thick, has a natural daffodils aroma, special mountain rock and sweet aftertaste, which is lightly fermented celadon tea with fresh natural taste. It is the love of the tea experts.

Alishan tea leaves are hand harvested. It is required one-tip three-leaf only, the color of tea leaves must be bright green; they should have a flowery fragrance, a milky aroma or a fruity aroma, and should be processed in a cool environment. The bright green, loose ball shape Oolong tea brews yellowish green tea, it has a less bitter, sweeter and unique aroma and taste – the best in the world. They are harvested by rolling by hand many times and after that roasted diligently. This tea can be repeatedly brewed. Tea cultivation with one’s heart, diligent harvest, soft rolling and slow roasting are key features of the Alishan tea.

Furthermore, the complex processing procedures transfer element of tea leaves and creates variety aromas and tastes. It is hard to control the transformation, cause it needs to reach certain tea-making technique and climate conditions.  

Growing environment

Taiwan Alishan mountain tea is a famous international tea brand and high cash crop (economic element) in Taiwan. It grows in Ali mountains, beautiful land, at altitudes of 1,200 to 1,600 above sea level in the mountain zone lands like Meishan village, Zhuqi village, Fanlu village, Alishan village, etc. It is a special and advanced geographic environment for growing tea. Taiwan is marking the 23.5 degree north latitude line - “the tropic of cancer”, its island type climate is moist enough and with a small temperature difference between day and night, clouds and mist constantly surround the area so the average solar radiation amount is short due to its foggy climate. The fertile soil, clean mountain spring water, and unpolluted nature all year round are the best for growing the highest quality mountain tea, which is also the best among all areas.


The main soil of Mt. Ali is sand, shale and mudstone which are suitable for the tea trees to grow. It’s foggy all year long, the morning sun is sufficient enough, and the fog fades at the afternoon time. Refraction of sunlight breaks through the steamy air and diffuses soft light. The temperature falls rapidly at this time, making the growth of tea trees tend to be slower, and tea leaves are denser. The highly selected tea products with amazing color, distinctive flavor and taste are made with high technique and diligent roasting. All of which are well known all over the world.